Pediatric Care

There is an old saying that as the seed is planted, so grows the tree.  Although kids have an amazing ability to grow and heal quickly they are also very susceptible to many of the same stresses that afflict adults.  With proper chiropractic care, we can help your child grow as healthy and normal as possible.  Many parents are excited to learn that periodic adjustments can help prevent many illnesses associated with childhood while simultaneously boosting their immune system and mental development all without the use of drugs!

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Natural pain relief during Pregnancy

What type of childhood illnesses do we commonly treat?

A: Chiropractors successfully treat asthma and allergies, headaches, neck, middle, and lower back pain, not to mention sleep problems, ADD/ADHD, bed-wetting, colic, poor posture, common colds/flu, ear infections, and more.

When should you get your child checked?

A: The answer is quite simple. As soon as possible after birth. Most subluxations or problems with the spine start in utero with the birth position not to mention the stress with the birth process itself! This often startles people because they think if they do not have pain, why should they be examined? If this philosophy was applied to dental evaluations and treatment, the condition of your teeth would be quite nasty. You could have multiple cavities, and possibly gum disease before you ever had any symptoms. What a shame! Why not be proactive and find out early if you have a spinal problem, and then correct it or improve it as much as possible. You then have the option of maintaining a better quality of life, and enjoying optimum health.

Is it safe?

A: Very!!  Chiropractic is a natural form of health so you never have to worry about potential adverse side effects or damage.  Low force, gentle adjustments are given in a relaxed atmosphere allowing the child to feel comfortable and safe.

Will my child need x-rays?

A: This depends on the age of the child and their health history.  Should x-rays be needed, every precaution is taken to use only the minimum exposure necessary.  Much research on the potential harm of radiation has been done and the studies show that there is minimal negative effects.  Most importantly, x-rays give us vital information as to the problem and is often a predictor of future health problems while still maintaining the natural philosophy that is chiropractic.

Where do these spinal problems come from?

A: As mentioned previously, birth is one of the most traumatic events of our lives!  Problems often start day one not to mention the many falls, activities, toxins from foods and medications, and more increasingly-damage from heavy backpacks, video games, and general poor posture.  When you really think about a child’s day (imagine the running, jumping, tree-climbing, adventure seeking, sport and instrument playing, class sitting life of our kids) it’s amazing they make it at all!  Although kids are very adaptive these stresses add up very quickly and set the tone for their future health.

Won’t my pediatrician notice problems?

A: Chiropractors are the only doctors who have extensive training in spinal conditions and posture and how that affects health.  By having your child checked you can make sure they are growing properly and prevent future problems.  This is especially important for scoliosis.  Only a CBP doctor has the ability to recognize early signs of scoliosis and provide proper care and management.  Unfortunately, scoliosis exams done in school are not valid and are often performed when a child is almost done growing which makes it harder to correct.

What are the other benefits of chiropractic care?

A: Education!  By teaching children from a young age the importance of proper posture and how to develop good habits such as lifting, sitting, sleeping, studying, etc they will learn the good habits for the spine that all people should have.

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