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You are one adjustment away from a good mood.


Below you will find testimonials and success stories of actual patients at Leahy Chiropractic, and the positive effects of our services in the lives people throughout the community.

Leahy Chiropractic is a lifesaver. No, really.

When I first came in, I was suffering (unknown to me) from scoliosis and other skeletal issues that had over the years culminated in some nasty pain. And I was used to the pain, used to that way of life. Dr. Leahy and her amazing staff accommodated me and set right in on treatment that didn’t simply help with pain, but was targeted to address the root problems. I had to do my part—stay on top of exercises and visits, pay attention to my posture, but Dr. Leahy worked tirelessly with me. I started to realize that pain should not be a way of life. That I could do things besides slapping pain-killer band-aids on the problem. What I love most about Dr. Leahy’s practice is that good chiropractic health promotes great general, all-around health. No one part of our bodies functions independently from others. Doesn’t it makes sense, then, that the skeletal system, the body’s infrastructure, is incredibly important to take care of?

The best part of seeking treatment from Dr. Leahy is that my general quality of life has improved, including having more energy to devote to the things I love.  I find myself wanting to treat myself better—healthy diet, getting some exercise, staying on top of my health. Only good can come of that.  I’d recommend Dr. Leahy and her awesome staff to anyone who is tired of living with pain and ready to do something about it!

-Amanda G.

I cannot say enough kind things about Leahy Chiropractic.  I have been seeing Dr. Leahy for more than 3 years.  Through periods of stress at work, training for athletic events (a half marathon, a triathlon), and even a pregnancy, Dr. Leahy has cared for my body and helped maintain my health.  The prevention of disease and promotion of health is the foundation of our discussions.  She has advised me on many issues such as nutrition, alternative pain management, supplements, and strength training.  Dr. Leahy is kind, thoughtful, and funny–she makes me feel comfortable and listens to my concerns.

Initially, I had anxiety about seeing a chiropractor to support my health.  It was important to select the right one for me.  Dr. Leahy’s office has a nice balance of privacy and openness.  Her staff is friendly, kind, and professional.  Dr. Leahy performs initial and follow up x-rays and talks you through any structural issues she discovers.  I feel that we approach these issues together, through our discussions, and come to a course of treatment that works for my lifestyle and for my health needs.

After years of trying to conceive a child naturally, my husband and I began exploring fertility treatments.  The first 3 tries were unsuccessful.  I was at a low point when my OB asked if I saw a chiropractor.  I said yes, and she recommended that I discuss my situation with her.  Dr. Leahy listened to me and we discussed how chiropractic adjustments can increase blood flow to the uterus.  I increased the frequency of my chiropractic visits and, much to my delight, I became pregnant.  I saw Dr. Leahy throughout my pregnancy and delivered a happy, healthy baby girl last September.
Alison P. – Wamego, KS

As a long time patient of Dr. Leahy, I knew from her teachings that I needed to get in to see her almost immediately after my fender bender.  I soon realized it was the best thing I could have done.

I didn’t actually feel that bad at the onset, though she assured me I would definitely be sore in week three.  And sure thing, I could hardly stand the nagging pain in my neck and back by then.  Like I hear from Dr. Leahy, “We’ll get you a great adjustment …” and she has actually fulfilled her word each time.  I get nothing but fabulous treatment from these adjustments.

I trust Dr. Leahy with every word and action from her.  I’ve never been able to relax more under her care than anyone before her.   I’ve been told it would take nearly a month of 3 adjustments per week to feel my best.  Then we could taper down.  I trust that.  We’ve just begun to lessen my visits and it feels precisely in tune with my comfort level.

When I initially came in to see Dr. Leahy I had been a lifelong chiropractor patient.  From an injury to my neck at a young age, I had been on an ongoing search to get relief from the pain.  I thought my case was hopeless.   I was very pleased to see results in my pain level shortly after I started training with Doctor Leahy.   I will forever give her credit for finding a solution in my treatment after a lifelong injury.

I’m simply amazed, however, at how serious this little 30 mph fender bender has affected me.  I’m only grateful I was coached enough to know when to go in for “a great adjustment”.

Thanks Dr. Leahy – I trust you with my life.  Lori S. – Prairie Village, KS

I have scoliosis and have been seen by many chiropractors throughout my life. In the past I have always been treated for my symptoms at the time (ie. pain relief) Although I have received relief from these adjustments in the past I was never really working to correct the underlying issue with my spine.

I began to see Dr. Leahy a year ago after the birth of my second daughter. She was able to determine through my x-rays that she could most likely reduce my curve through corrective care and repetitive traction. After being under Dr. Leahy’s care for a little over 2 months she reduced my curve by 7 degrees… which is huge. Dr. Leahy through her skill and dedication helped me to achieve a much healthier spine and body and reduced my pain significantly!

Dr. Leahy genuinely cares about her patients and works very hard to insure their success in treatment. My whole family is under the care of Dr. Leahy and her office is the first place we go when my girls have a minor fall or are not feeling well. She has truly made a huge difference in our lives.

– Monee E.

I started seeing Dr. Leahy when I was pregnant and she did wonders for me. I was then in a car accident and she helped me get back to feeling great. Her methods of treatment are wonderful and she is very open to questions, which makes it a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

– Jessica M.

I always had a history of respiratory problems. Whenever I got a cold, it always wore on for weeks and I’d end up taking antibiotics for bronchitis or even pneumonia (at least once a year, if not two or three times!). Since I have been seeing Dr. Leahy, my overall health has greatly improved. Now, when I get a cold, my body’s able to fight it off quickly and easily without medication! I can tell that it’s now operating the way it’s supposed to!

My five and a half month old daughter, Lillie, is also a patient of Dr. Leahy’s. Thanks to her adjustments, Lillie hasn’t battled ear infections the way most babies her age do. The few times that an ear infection started to flare up, Dr. Leahy’s adjustment relieved the pressure and allowed her to recover quickly without the use of antibiotics.

Routine check-ups and adjustments with Dr. Leahy have also allowed Lillie’s rapidly developing body to stay healthy and balanced. She eats well, sleeps well, and is already sitting up unassisted, crawling, and starting to pull up!

– Anne B.