Sleep Tips

Sleep. It sounds simple and yet is a struggle for so many. Did you know there
are several clues that the body leaves that can help you determine how to
improve your sleep quality and get a better night’s rest?

• What time do you wake up? If you frequently wake up between 11-1 that can
be the sign of an overworked liver. Try dandelion tea or milt thistle tea before
bed to help.

• If you wake up between 2-4 am, you may have blood sugar issues. Try eating
protein before bed. A great choice is raw Brazil nuts or raw sunflower seeds as
they are also great for thyroid support.

• Do you feel like your brain won’t “calm down”. Certain supplements* such as
magnesium before bed can really help.

• Difficulty staying asleep? You might be low B6 especially if you feel your
energy is also low throughout the day.

• Taking melatonin? You should not take melatonin for more than 1 month. If it
helps, it means you might need other supplements are not allowing you to
“get” to melatonin. Serotonin converts to melatonin ( and is also associated
with anxiety/depression)

There can, of course, be other factors involved. If this is a concern for you,
contact the office to set up a consultation.

**Remember, not all supplements are created the same. If you are interested in
supplements, please contact the office: so we can
send you a link for the best supplements.**