1. 1. Vitamin D with K2: 5,000-10,000 IUs (take in PM optimally)
  2. 2. Zinc: 30 mg/day (watch constipation, take away from coffee/tea/soda)
  3. Vitamin C: 2000 mg/day (take in AM)-watch sleep. Take B vitamins at another time/day.
  4. Silvercilian: Preventative: 1-2 sprays, 3-4 sprays if feeling “run down”/exposed, 5-6 active illness
  5. Probiotics: Klaire brand. 1x/day. If you ever have to take an antibiotic, take probiotic 4 hours away from when you took the antibiotic. Supports without interfering.


Pediatric (general)

  1. Vitamin D: 2000 IUs/day
  2. Zinc: 15 mg/day
  3. Vitamin C: 1000mg/day
  4. Silvercilian: Preventative: 1-2 sprays, 3-4 sprays if active infection.
  5. Probiotic: infant formula (0-2 years old), otherwise “adult”. Can open pill and dump powder


Detox Bath: 1-2x/week (ideally done closer to bed) soak 20 minutes

½ cup colored or Himalayan salt

½ cup baking soda

1 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar

5 drops of lemon/Sage essential oil


Raw Dandelion tea: steep ½ time. 1-2x/week can do this instead of the bath or 1 of each/week.  Can work up to more tea but start slowJ


Please buy supplements from our office directly or let us know if we need to set you up a Fullscript account for direct order.  Quality is an issue in many brands, amazon has had some issues with “knock off brands”, and it keeps our prices for services lower. Thank you!