“Bent, not broken.”


Scoliosis is a very complicated and often misunderstood deformity of the spine.

It is often painful for the individual, can lead to many life-threatening conditions involving the heart, lungs, etc; and can often be a source of embarrassment due to abnormal head, shoulder, and hip positions. Approximately 2-4% of children develop scoliosis.

There are two major categories of scoliosis with different types classified within:

Childhood: usually known as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. There are many different theories but no one knows for certain why these occur.
Adult: adult onset (de novo) degenerative scoliosis. Can be related to undiscovered childhood scoliosis or may result from other congenital (due to birth) anomalies or acquired spinal problems.

The most important aspect of scoliosis care is proper management:

Providing the Right Care at the Right Time

In Office Treatment

In office treatment consisting of chiropractic care, Scoliosis Specific Exercises, and 3-Point Bending Traction as researched by Chiropractic BioPhysics©

ScoliNight© / ScoliBrace©

For pediatric and adult curves we offer nighttime to full-time bracing.

Scheumermann’s Kyphosis and Hyperkyphosis

KyphoBrace© – adolescent and adult

It is common to “wait and see” with smaller curves, however, in addition to understanding the risk factors associated with curve progression, the BEST results are attained when a smaller curve is treated early with the right type of treatment.

Early Detection + Early Intervention = Better Correction

We are pleased to offer the latest and best in scoliosis care for earlier intervention and have proudly partnered with ScoliCare® makers of the ScoliBrace®.  This unique system creates a customized brace for the wearer and is the most advanced and effective brace to date.

What Makes A ScoliBrace Unique:

  • Custom made using a 3-D Scanner: Scoliosis is a 3 Dimensional condition, so effective treatments need to be 3 dimensional too.
  • ScoliBrace is a super-corrective brace.  It works by guiding the body and spine into a posture that is the opposite of how the scoliosis is shaped. This is different than the traditional Boston Brace which is a “stabilizing” brace.
  • Curve reduction can be achieved in the majority of cases while improving the overall appearance of the body.
  • Easy to wear: ScoliBrace opens in the front, is lightweight, and not visible under clothing.


One of the most frustrating aspects of scoliosis for parents is that there are many different opinions.


Click here for research and information regarding Scolibrace: Effects of Bracing in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis, New England Journal of Medicine