Balancing Exercises


BALANCING EXERCISES  30 second stands: This is the easiest to perform and one of the first things we recommend after an ankle sprain.   Barefoot, stand on one leg for 30 seconds without wobbling/excessive movement of the foot/ankle.  Then switch sides. Repeat 3 times. I recommend bending the opposite knee (like a stork) to make it [...]

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Difficulty Sleeping?


Sleep Tips Sleep. It sounds simple and yet is a struggle for so many. Did you know there are several clues that the body leaves that can help you determine how to improve your sleep quality and get a better night’s rest? • What time do you wake up? If you frequently wake up between [...]

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CONSTIPATION  Under 1 year: Formula? Switch brands. Try avoid. Tongue Tie: need to rule out or if hx may still need integration. Use 1 tsp of Aloe Vera Concentrate in bottle. Can also dip finger in it and have baby suck. This is to “get it out”. Probiotic: Klaire. Under 6 months Dip finger. Over [...]


Vestibular and Proprioceptive Home Activities


HOME EXERCISE PROGRAMS It is important that home exercises be performed twice daily; once in the morning & once in the late afternoon/early evening. It is often helpful to do them in the morning before school and in the afternoon before homework as they may help to “set” the child’s nervous system/pathways. If the child [...]

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Tongue Tie Basics


What is a Tongue Tie? A tongue tie occurs when a thin membrane under the babies tongue,(the lingual frenum), restricts the movement of the tongue. There are also lip and buccal (cheek ties). It is often referred to as TOTS (Tethered Oral Tissue Syndrome) This occurs at about 6 weeks in utero. We are all [...]

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Tongue Tie Symptoms


Mom’s Symptoms: Cracked and bleeding nipples Milk supply-decreased and over supply Drop in supply especially at 3 months Misshapen nipples/lipstick deformity Mastitis and/or clogged ducts Prolonged feedings Vasospasms-white marking on nipple immediately after feeding Fatigue, anxiety, and depression Baby’s Symptoms: Pops on and off breast, Shallow latch Clicking while nursing Reflux or colic Poor weight [...]

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General Immune Enhancing Considerations for Optimal Health


Adult 1. Vitamin D with K2: 5,000-10,000 IUs (take in PM optimally) 2. Zinc: 30 mg/day (watch constipation, take away from coffee/tea/soda) Vitamin C: 2000 mg/day (take in AM)-watch sleep. Take B vitamins at another time/day. Silvercilian: Preventative: 1-2 sprays, 3-4 sprays if feeling “run down”/exposed, 5-6 active illness Probiotics: Klaire brand. 1x/day. If you [...]

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What is a herniated disc? Can chiropractic help?


What is a herniated disc? Can chiropractic help? The spine has 24 individual bones called vertebrae. Between each one of these bones there are cushioning pads called discs that act like shock absorbers. There are many different terms that are used to describe a herniated disc such as slipped disc or ruptured disc. They all [...]

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Never been to a Chiropractor before?


Never been to a Chiropractor before? Here are some of the most common questions that many people have before their first visit to our office: What is Chiropractic?   Chiropractic care involves the repositioning of the spine to reduce pressure to the delicate spinal cord and nerves. Nerves are the messaging system of the body and [...]

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