It’s that time of year again!  While you are enjoying precious time with family and friends and “winding down another year” many will begin to think about their goals for  2014.  For many, New Year’s Resolutions are a way to get back in touch with themselves and their needs.  The most common resolutions involve health: whether it’s weight loss, eating healthier, consistent exercise, or getting out of pain, there are tricks to help avoid the February drop off and make an actual change to your health and life for the long term.


Goal Setting Tips:
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1.Write it down.  Studies have shown that successful people write their goals down and regularly review them.  I recommend reading them daily to get them in the mindset.

2.Make them measurable.  Instead of “I want to lose weight”, try “I want to lose 10 lbs by March 1st”.

3.Make them attainable.  “I want to lose 15 lbs by the end of January” is not realistic-at least not from a healthy, able to be maintained standpoint.

4.Set shorter goals/benchmarks for success.  If you do not currently exercise at all, setting a goal for daily exercise may not be realistic at first, but setting a goal to exercise 3-4 times a week will allow you to make the habit without causing the often vicious cycle of giving up over zealous goals.

5.Get good support and/or a health coach.  If you have tried the goal before and have not been successful, it might be necessary to find a “coach”, doctor, etc that can help you attain the goal.  For other goals, finding a partner to join you or using a reward such as buying a new outfit now, can be good motivation.

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As part of our continuing effort to bring the latest and best care to our patients, we are pleased to announce the launch of our BStrong4Life program. This revolutionary program strengthens the core more effectively than typical exercise, causing improved stability of the spine.  It simultaneously works on balance, fall prevention, and improved bone density (osteoporosis) in less than 20 minutes one time a week!!!!

For existing patients only, we are offering a one month trial for only $15!  That is a savings of over $85!  Call or email the office today to set up your first visit!  913.341.2800

The future of BStrong4Life® is to change the health of the human frame, one patient at a time and ensure optimum productivity in life for as many people as possible.