The basis of chiropractic involves performing an adjustment of the spine.  This is a gentle force given to the vertebrae that allows it to move properly and facilitate proper neurological function and healing. There are many different ways to adjust the spine, and we are proficient in several of them ranging from diversified manual adjustments to instrument adjusting (Activator) to using a specialized table (Thompson).  The style of adjusting is typically determined by the patient-either what the doctor thinks might be the most effective but as importantly-what the patient prefers!  We adjust people not just spines!

What really makes our office unique, however, is our technique .

We practice a cutting-edge form of chiropractic called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). Our favorite aspect of this care is that it gives you, the patient, OPTIONS! We can help you by dealing solely with the symptomatic portion of your health, something we call “Symptoms Care.” But we can also help you with the root cause of your problem – your POSTURE! We call this “Remodeling Care.” It is an approach that involves addressing the whole picture. We put you squarely in the driver’s seat and allow you to dictate the level of wellness you want to pursue. Our role is solely to facilitate the process once care is chosen. We have outlined Symptom Care and Remodeling Care in more detail for you below.

Symptom Care:

General chiropractic care over a period of 2-4 weeks designed to provide relief of symptoms and improve the flexibility/mobility of spinal joints. Symptoms Care does not provide long-standing correction to spinal problems and posture, however, is often a viable alternative to drugs and at times even surgery for pain relief related to structural

Remodeling Care

Spinal rehabilitative program designed to improve or correct underlying spinal structural problems and abnormal posture. This is a more comprehensive approach, and often results in long-term benefits. Comparative x-rays are taken to objectively measure patient progress toward normal alignment, therefore the patient always knows when they are as near normal as possible. Remodeling care is followed by routine maintenance adjustments each month to hold these changes in place.

Fix Care Stages

Stage 1—Initial Visit
After completing a thorough examination, a postural and x-ray analysis is performed. This is a critical component of the initial patient visit and helps to determine if the patient is a candidate for care at Leahy Chiropractic.

Stage 2—Exercise
Based upon the postural and x-ray analyses, specific MIRROR-IMAGE© exercises are prescribed to the patient to facilitate structural correction and to retrain the muscles supporting the body.  This helps to bring balance to your spine and is different than exercises typically performed at the gym.

Stage 3—Adjustment
These are types of adjustments in which a patient is stressed in the opposite or MIRROR-IMAGE© position as compared to their abnormal posture and a force is applied to the spine or pelvis with the assistance of a drop table mechanism. Unlike traditional chiropractic adjustments which only improve joint flexibility, corrective chiropractic adjustments are designed to change spinal position and posture.

Stage 4—Traction
Because ligaments and muscles actually adapt and change shape as a result of poor posture and alignment, a sustained level of force, always within the tolerance of each individual patient, is crucial in making long-term, positive changes. Unlike medical traction, which pulls apart joints to provide brief relief only, this specific form of chiropractic biomechanical traction involves applying a sustained force to the spine in order to restore normal spinal alignment. Much like braces correct crooked teeth, traction is designed to move the spine to a more normal position over time. postural or extremity joint problems.

One of the most important aspects of this care if education!  If you are not shown proper posture, habits, etc how can we expect of have long term results?!  With remodeling care, we emphasize giving our patient’s an “owner’s manual” to really be able to help them take care of themselves for the long haul.  We want you to be healthier 10 years from now than you are today.