If you have general questions regarding positions, etc, please consult a lactation consultant.

Make sure you are draining one breast fully before moving to the next breast. This makes sure they get protein and not just sugar from foremilk. Helps with colic and reflux.

Supply Issues
Rule out tongue/lip tie.  For information and post revision exercises.

Oil of Cloves:  put in carrier oil. Put on 5 mins before exercises

Lip: leave alone for 1st 24 hrs, 3 weeks of exercises.  Tongue:  7 days intensive.

Drink lots of water. Breastfeeding moms need at least 100 oz of water. Can put cucumber, lemon, ginger, etc in there for flavoring. Must be real waterJ

Supply and Demand. The more baby feeds, the more milk is produced. If over-supply, can pump/manually express for a few minutes but do not drain breast as this signals body to make MORE milk.


  • Mother’s Love Mulunggay Moringa
  • Goat’s Rue
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Alfalfa

**Fenugreek is no longer recommended as frequently as it is associated with thyroid issues*

Pumping: May need to change parts if start to see a decrease in supply.  May need to rent a hospital grade pump at first.

Power Pumping

To power pump, pick one hour each day or night (e.g. 7 am every morning) and use the following pumping pattern: Pump for 20 minutes; rest 10 minutes. Pump another 10 minutes; rest for 10 minutes.  Drinking coconut water can help during this time.


Thrush is very common. See handout.

Sore Nipples

** Do not use lanolin on nipples, it traps bacteria** Instead use Medi Honey


Diet: Decrease gluten, dairy, caffeine as much as possible. Are there know food sensitivities in mom or dad?  Avoid chemicals, processing, gmos, dyes, etc.

Mom needs 80 g of protein.

Mastitis: can wet and microwave a diaper for and then put castor oil on it. Place on breast and massage.

Post Partum: Fish Oil, Avocados, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Baby Reflux

Mom’s diet. See above. May need to also steam veggies.

Burp frequently. Between switching breasts and after feeding. May need do every 1-2 oz if bottle fed or if they frequently pull off.

Drain breast before switching sides.

Colic Calm if gassy. Can cause “black poop” and/or reflux.

If using Formula:  Baby’s Only. Available on amazon.

Holle & HiPP Organic Formula

Bottles: The First Years Breastflow Bottle. Amazon.